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Thera Wall Paintings Copies P. Nomikos Museum

The life-sized three-dimensional wall-paintings reproduced and exhibited here were sponsored by the "Thera Foundation, Petros M. Nomikos", and produced in France by Transfer Relief SA, using the Kodak Pathé process. Other similar Kodak Pathé commissions have been funded by the Getty Museum of California and the French government for the Egyptian tomb of Sennefer and the Lascaux Caves, respectively.

The manufacturing of these images involved a long, complex, and laborious process which necessitated the transfer of photographic emulsions onto a synthetic substrate that exactly replicates that of the original wall-painting plaster. This substrate was generated from a stereo-photogram of the original wall-painting in much that same way satellite imagery is used to render computerized topography in 3D.

Following the completion of the substrate, the photographic emulsion was then bonded to create the wall-paintings presented in the museum and shown in this album. Each image in the museum is rendered in a 1/1 scale, and has been stereo photographed using 20x25 cm. negatives so as to reduce peripheral image distortion and provide the very highest resolution. The results are exceptionally realistic and accurate, and this exhibition in Fira remains the only place where one can view, enjoy and study all of the wall-paintings of Thera.

For more detailed information about the technical and artistic aspects of the wall-paintings restoration please consult The Petros Nomikos Museum of Wall-Paintings of Akrotiri : A detailed reference for the inquisitive traveller.

Photos: Michael Tziotis

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Plan of Thera Wall Paintings Copies P. Nomikos Museum

In Fira, centrally located (less than 300 ft from the funicular railway) there is the P. Nomikos Wall-Paintings Museum. Here, in an air conditioned environment purposedly arranged as underground tunnels to resemble the archaeological site at Akrotiri, the copies of the frescoes are exhibited. Please use the following index list to orientate yourselves.

1. Spring Fresco
2. Adorants
3. Saffron-Gatherers
4. Saffron-Gatherer
5. Mistress of Animals and Saffron-gatherer
6. Rosettes
7. Naked Boy
8. Adult Male
9. Naked Boys
10. Female Figure with Naked Breast
11. Female Figure
12. Sea-daffodils
13a. Ikrion
13b. Two Ikria
13c. Half Ikrion
13d. Ikrion
13e. Two Ikria
13f. Two Ikria
14. Frieze with Spirals
15. Marbling
16. Miniature Frieze: "Flotilla"
17. Marbling
18. Antelope
19. Flower Vase
20. Fisherman
21. Flower Vase
22. Young Priestess
23. Wild Duck
24. Altar with Monkeys
25. Monkeys
26. Miniature Frieze: "Flotilla"
27. Miniature Frieze: "River"
28. Miniature Frieze: "Assembly on the Hill and Ship-wreck"
29. Boxing Boys and Antelopes
30. Cows

P. Nomikos Museum Plan

P. Nomikos Museum Plan

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