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North Aegean Islands | Ikaria

Ikaria : Sightseeing and Excursions

The northern coastline has some lovely villages and superb beaches, pine forests, vineyards, and one of the island’s two ports and largest village, Evdilos. West of the port, you first reach the ruins of a palace at Kambos, the capital of the island in antiquity, and with a lovely beach at the end of the trees; next are a succession of beaches ending with the lovely seaside village of Armenistis, and with the island’s best beach. Just before reaching Armenistis, you can turn away from the coast and the road climbs up to the large mountain village of Raches, with tall pine trees sweeping down the mountainside to the sea.

Moving east from Evdilos and crossing to the south coast, you come to the capital of the island and its largest port, Ai. Kirikos. From here, it is only a ten-minute drive northeast to the town of Therma, long known for its therapeutic hot springs, and attracting many people who suffer from a variety of ailments, such as arthritis and rheumatism. Southwest from Ai. Kirikos are the extremely hot springs of Levkadas, also called Loutra, situated amid the pine trees. If you wish to venture further west along the very rugged southern part of the island, then you can walk down from the village of Maganiti to the beach of Seychelles, with its outstanding rock formations and small cove beach.

Certainly one of the easiest ways to explore the many villages of the island, each one with such a diverse landscape, is to hire a car and begin to explore. Many of the villages have very high elevations, and the views include mountains, forests, gorges, rivers, and streams. Touring the villages will also show you how the islanders maintain their traditions and how they survive, whether it be through their orchards of fruit and nut trees, or olive groves, or vineyards, or from the slate that they export. Just a few of the villages with outstanding landscapes include Langada, Pezi, and Raches to the west; Prospera and Nas overlooking the northwest coast; Akamatra, Dafni, and Kosikia in the center; and Oxea and Perdiki to the east. If you have the time, do explore all of them, and be sure to take plenty of film with you so as not to miss even one small part of this beautiful island.