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Our Philosophy

\"\"Now celebrating our 37th year of providing quality accommodation, interesting and exciting excursions and tours, and very personal service and support to our many valued clients worldwide, we cordially invite you to visit our new and comprehensive website … your portal to discovering the magic of this magnificent country that we call Hellas.
We hope that you will find among these pages all the information needed to plan your next holiday to post-Olympiad Greece.  We have tried to be both concise and comprehensive, and we have included some features especially for first-time visitors to this beautiful country, such as our “Frequently Asked Questions” section.  This site is designed to be both helpful and instructive, and we believe that it covers the most important aspects for choosing your destination and planning your trip.


In addition to our detailed descriptions of the various destinations available to you, we have included a full list of hotels of all categories, plus rich and exciting excursions from which to choose.   Throughout the season, we will be updating information regarding special events, festivals, and concerts taking place throughout the country, and you are more than welcome to ask us for more details about them, or for us to reserve your seats for you.


In our “Traveler’s Information” section, we have included information that goes beyond general holiday suggestions.  This section is addressed to visitors to our country who expect much more from their holidays than “just relaxing on the beaches.”  We feel that creating this feature is an obligation dictated by the love and respect that we have for our country, which is naturally extended to those of you who wish to become better and more deeply acquainted with it.  We want to offer you, the visitors to our site and eventually to our country, more than just a cursory look at your holiday options.  We want you to fall in love!


The information in this section encompasses Greece’s history, culture, traditions, archaeological sites, temples, monasteries and churches, traditional mansions, traditional feasts and festivals, international and Greek music concerts, open-air cinemas and theaters, performances of ancient Greek Drama, the Festival of Athens, pop stars and Greek singers, places of special natural interest (such as caves, petrified forests, lakes, trekking pathways, rivers, gorges, etc.), wildlife and areas under special protection, even our triumphant crowning as European Football Champions 2004-2008 and European Basketball Champions in 2005.  In other words, just about anything that we think would open a window to Greek reality.  If you’re keen to learn more about these aspects of Greek life, you’ll find links to these texts on the main destination pages.
In the event that we have overlooked something in the preparation of our website, we would love to hear from you with your comments and/or suggestions.  And, of course, if there is any question that you may have about the contents of the site, or a destination within Greece that is not included here, we hope that you will contact us for more information.