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Pella (Prefecture)



Welcome to Pella!

This prefecture is a limitary one belonging to the Periphery of Central Macedonia; it covers an area of 2500 sq. km and is inhabited by 145,797 people, according to the 2001 referendum. The prefecture was named after ancient Pella, capital city of the Kingdom of Macedons after the 4th century BC and the birth place of Alexander the Great, a strong economical and administrative center of the time.

It is a place blessed with rich natural resources, picturesque towns and villages, rich historical past and interesting land, lake and mountainscapes. Visitors are offered a wide range of options: discover idyllic places, enrich one's experiences by visiting the archaeological sites of Pella, Longos or the Macedonian royal tombs, or, if one so likes, indulge oneself with alternative forms of tourism, recreation, sport and an environment offering all kinds of charms: a first rate ski center, Mt. Paiko, Vegoritida Lake, Loutraki, wetlands, the rivers Loudias and Almopeos and, last but not least, the various local cultural events and the traditional philoxenia of its inhabitants.

A most important feature of Pella, as of any other place in Macedonia, is the fact that it can always surprise us: only some time ago, in February 2006, a farmer stumbled across a tomb carved into the rock near the ancient city of Pella; archaeologists say it is the largest tomb ever found in Greece, containing eight chambers and used by some noble family in the time of Alexander's death. Such surprises, be it a herd of wild horses, a charming local dance or the Dionysian sound of the local brass music instruments are for every inquisitive visitor to rejoice!

Hotel Suggestion
Evzin Hotel

Evzin (meaning “the good life”) is a beautiful stone-built and traditionally furnished small hotel, a bit similar to a mountain lodge. It's a stunning building in an equally stunning area and is open year-round.

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Category: 3-Star Hotels
Location: Macedonia (Mainland Region) | Pella (Prefecture) | Aridea Town
Holidays in Evzin HotelHolidays in Evzin Hotel

Hotel Suggestion
Hotel Katarraktes

This hotel offers budget accommodation with basic services and facilities in a very good location in Edessa Town. The location makes a good base to further explore the region.

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Category: 1-Star Hotels
Location: Macedonia (Mainland Region) | Pella (Prefecture) | Edessa Town
Holidays in Hotel KatarraktesHolidays in Hotel Katarraktes

Pella: Cities and Towns

Agios Athanasios, Aridea Town, Edessa Town, Kaimaktsalan Ski Center

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Pozar Hot Springs

Pozar Hot Springs