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Lakonia (Prefecture)

Lakonia Plytra Beach

Lakonia Plytra Beach

Welcome to the Prefecture of Lakonia!

Lakonia (or even Laconia) occupies the southernmost part of the Peloponnese. It borders to the Prefectures of Arcadia to the north and Messinia to the west. The Myrtoan Sea, the Laconian Gulf and the Mediterranean Sea embrace the Laconian territory from the east and south. Cape Malea and Cape Tainaron extend deep into the Mediterranean waters.

Mt. Taygetos (2,407 m) in the west and the Parnon (1,961 m) in the northeast form an imposing surrounding. Mt. Taygetos is the highest mountain in the whole of the Peloponnese, covered with pine trees and with snow during the cold months of the year. Its ecology is very interesting and very important, for details please click Here to be shown to our relevant article.

The people of Lakonia make their living on Agriculture, Animal husbandry and Services, mainly Tourism. The valley formed by the historic Evrotas River is full with citrus groves, being the most important orange-producing center in Greece. The production of olive oil and honey, both of top quality, forms a good part of the total local income.

This part of Greece is literally full of sightseeing attractions. The mountains themselves offer unforgettable sporting options, but there are also mountain villages worth visiting, pristine beaches and desert coasts for swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving, wildlife to watch or photograph, rare endemic plants to discover, the castles of Monemvasia and Geraki to fascinate the visitor, the medieval city-fortress of Mystras to walk through its stone paved alleyways and visit its Byzantine Churches, the city of Sparta itself, birth place of Leonidas of Thermopylae, built on top of the ancient city by the same name, its Archaeological museum full to the brim with finds from the excavations within the prefecture, the Parnon ski center during winter, the Olive Oil Museum, the Carstic Caves of Dyros, full with stalactites and stalagmites, the tower-houses of Mani, some of which have been turned into fantastic guest houses, and a series of various sightseeing sites shown in the following list:


Gytheion Archaeological Museum
Sparta Archaeological Museum
Mystras Archaeological Museum
Archaeological Collection of Monemvasia

Archaeological sights

City Hall of Sparta
Sanctuary of Artemis Orthia Sparta
Geraki Castle
Gytheion Port
Royal Mycenaean tombs and the acropolis of ancient Pellana
Church of Agia Varvara at Eremos
Mycenaean Tholos tomb at Vapheio
Amyklaion and Sanctuary of Apollo Amyklaios


Monastery of Agioi Tessarakonta at Chrysapha
Monastery of Agios Nikolaos at Agoriani

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Kastro Maini

This resort hotel, a traditional stone-built building, features a swimming pool, restaurant with homemade cooking, and 29 very nicely furnished guest rooms and suites.

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Category: 2-Star Hotels
Location: Peloponnese (Mainland Region) | Lakonia (Prefecture) | Areopoli
Holidays in Kastro MainiHolidays in Kastro Maini

Hotel Suggestion
Palazzo Hotel

This is one of those charming small hotels in a very pretty setting and not far from the beach of the village. The hotel has a lovely garden and a rooftop veranda in a pretty setting, all obviously well cared for.

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Category: 2-Star Hotels
Location: Peloponnese (Mainland Region) | Lakonia (Prefecture) | Archangelos Village
Holidays in Palazzo HotelHolidays in Palazzo Hotel

Lakonia: Cities and Towns

Anavriti, Archangelos Village, Areopoli, Gythio Port Town, Monemvasia Town, Mystras, Sparti City

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Lakonia Elafonisos

Lakonia Elafonisos
Lakonia Elafonisos

Lakonia Elafonisos