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Driving in Greece

We have good news and bad news

Telephone options

All the available options for your contact needs in Greece

Instant Greek

It is possible to survive in Greece just knowing English. Greeks have seen so many English-speaking tourists and have such strong connections with the English-speaking world that you are always bound to find Greeks that can understand your basic utterances.


A guide to marinas in Greece.

Travel Agency vs. Booking Direct or with Electronic Systems

Your holiday means more than just a room at a good price!

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance … a good idea?

How to Pack Intelligently

Here are some tips to help you pack sensibly and avoid the pitfalls of too much luggage.

Greek Regional Telephone Codes

Find your way through to where you wish to place a telephone call in Greece! At no extra costs, without unneccessary delays and disappointments!

Easter in Greece

...As you are walking with your lit candle in the procession or if you are just looking upon it from the sidelines, you will become overwhelmed with a feeling of unity.  Looking over thousands of candles in the hands of men, women and children, people in the square, those on their balcony overlooking the square, shop owners standing on their doorsteps with a candle in hand, the chanting, the mourning…  This is an entire community coming together in lamentation over the death of Jesus Christ... No matter where you celebrate Easter in Greece, it is sure to be an experience you will never forget.

Greek Gastronomy

We all know something about Greek food no matter where in the world we live.  Who hasn't tried feta cheese, a tyropita, some baklavas or enjoyed true Greek Kalamata olives.  Yet the Greek kitchen offers so much more...