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Greek Regional Telephone Codes

Find your way through to where you wish to place a telephone call in Greece! At no extra costs, without unneccessary delays and disappointments!

During 2002, Greece moved to a closed ten-digit numbering scheme with Regional Prefixes incorporated into the subscriber's number, as is the case in many other countries, such as Spain or Norway. This is known as a 'closed' telephone numbering plan.
With telephone paper Directories not always at hand and, certainly, not handy, and with many directories discontinued now that everything is accessible on the Internet, we sometimes find ourselves facing either of the following problems:
A. We have a telephone number and we want to know, based on its regional code prefix, the region in which this number operates.
B. We know of the old number, i.e. without its regional prefix, we know the region the number used to be, and we want to find the regional code prefix, without which the number we hold is useless. Here, we offer you the solution...

If we try to find the relevant informatiom in the National Telecom Provider (OTE and OTENET) sites, as well as in the sites of their affiliated companies, we get lost in an information maze with doubtful outcome. The sought after info is either non existing, or very well hidden for the average user to find in the time he/she affords to spend. Seemingly, the only quick solution would be to call one of the service numbers, at a cost of at least 1.5 euro plus VAT.

The visitor to our pages, that is You, will find in the following 3 tables:

The FIRST TABLE (A') shows the regional code numbers sorted in ascending order, with the region they codify and the relevant Prefectures. If you happen to know the Tele Code number, finding the respective region is a piece of cake!

The SECOND TABLE (B') shows the regions in alphabetical order, followed by the Prefecture they belong to and the respective Regional number. If you know the old number, before the application of the new system, you dial the Regional Code number, add a zero, and then dial the old number.

The THIRD TABLE (C') provides an alphabetical list of all Prefectures, followed by the regions they have been divided into and the respective regional Tele Code number. One may remember the name of the prefecture and be uncertain of the name of the actual region. You find the name of the prefecture and, helped by the names of the limited number of the prefecture's regions, your chances to recollect the one relevant name are enhanced. Simple as that!

So, please take our advice and add this page to your Favorites list, regardless of how you landed on it!

(It may be helpful, going through the tables, to have in mind that the Greek vocal sound E -as in nEver- is sometimes spelt, besides with E, also with an Ae or with an Ai. Likewise, I -as in trIp)- is also spelt with Ei and, seldom, with Oi)


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