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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance … a good idea?

As Shakespeare once wrote “… best laid plans oft gang awry.”  Simply translated, bad things can happen to the best of plans.  And travel plans are no exception!

Flight delays, lost luggage, accident or illness during your trip are just a few of the many "nastys" that can occur.  Thanks to travel insurance, all of these can be remedied without spoiling your holiday.

You’ll find dozens of insurance companies listed on the Internet, who offer basic or comprehensive packages covering single holiday trips, or long-term, continuous protection if you’re a frequent traveler.  The rates are usually quite reasonable, but you need to check the plan carefully to see its limitations.

Additionally, some major credit card companies offer this insurance, either as a perk of membership or for a nominal extra fee.  You can check the fine print on your contract, or call your credit card issuer directly.  If you are covered through your card, be sure to have that in writing.

Most travel insurance packages offer basic coverage such as Trip Cancellation, Travel Delays, Lost or Damaged Baggage, Baggage Delays, Medical, Dental, Emergency Evacuation, 24-Hour Traveler’s Assistance and Accidental Death Coverage.  Some companies also include Flight Insurance and offer single and/or family coverage.

Our company does not personally endorse any particular company, but the following URL may be helpful in getting you started.