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Travel Agency vs. Booking Direct or with Electronic Systems

Your holiday means more than just a room at a good price!

Booking accommodation direct with hotels on your own is often done, and many times quite successfully.  But, perhaps only through luck, or booking during low season, has the story had a happy ending.  Let’s face it, every hotel has a room or two that's small, or dark, or noisy, or just not nice.  So, locking in a good rate does not mean that you have locked in a good room.  And to whom do you turn if you are not satisfied with what you've paid for?

The same (and worse!) can be said for electronic reservations systems.  Will your special requests be honored?  Will you have a room with a view?  Does service come with that cut-rate price?  Can they help you at your destination with a rotten room, with lost luggage, with transportation problems due to strikes, overbooking or weather?  Will they be there to assist you in the event of theft, accident or illness?  Have they even been to the destinations that they sell?

Your holiday means more than just a room at a good price! 

As you can see from our website, we’ve put a lot of effort and love into its creation.  But, even more importantly, we’ve put in years of training, knowledge and experience, all combined to provide you with the finest holiday, whatever your budget, and the highest standard of service, no matter your budget!

There’s an expression in our business … Without a Travel Agent, you are on Your Own!  So, let's make your next holiday the vacation of your dreams ... not of your nightmares!

"We Travel Your Dreams"