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Helicopter Charter Services

Today, chartering a Helicopter or Renting a private Jet is an option that you should check every time you travel, either for business or pleasure. Our standard objectives are safety, customer satisfaction, speed and comfort.

Helicopter Charter Services in GreeceFar too often, you have to catch a plane without a connecting means of transport, so you may be obliged to charter either a helicopter or a small jet  to guarantee that you are there on time.

Chartering a Helicopter can be the convenient choice which saves both time and money, while providing first class service.

Renting a helicopter is on private basis, so you will be flying alone with your company and not with strangers in the same craft.

Many times there are special offers between the islands so you do not have to pay for empty legs. Contact us and we will find out for you the best deal for your helicopter or plane ride.

The experienced staff of Windmills Travel will help you choose the airplane or helicopter that offers the most cost-effective solution for your needs. If you need Helicopter Charter Services simply send us your request, and you'll have our answer promptly. If time is of the essence, you can call the head of
our department at +30-6944-517222 (09:00 - 22:00, local time).

Here is some information on helicopter types currently available for hire (for private jets, please refer to that specific section) There are many more types of Helicopters that will be shown to you when you make the request. Some of these Heli types are for VIP traveling and they have two pilots and two engines, some other helicopters are for shorter distances and they have just one pilot and one engine:

The helicopter, as a means of transportation, offers unique advantages, Helicopter Charter Services in Greece
The helicopter, as a means of transportation, offers unique advantages, as it combines safety, comfort and versatility. Passengers may be dropped off at specific points of destination (e.g. confined areas, rooftops). Taking all of the above into consideration, the helicopter has great advantages over all other means of transportation, especially in a country like Greece, which has hundreds of islands and a rugged mountainous terrain.
Our standard objectives are safety, customer satisfaction, in combination with speed and comfort, Helicopter Charter Services in Greece
Our standard objectives are safety, customer satisfaction, in combination with speed and comfort, at the best price possible.
These objectives mean that we strive to have:
  • Exceptionally trained and licensed experienced pilots, mechanics and ground personnel, modern and highly equipped maintenance installations, with strict adherence to the highest standards of maintenance and safety, as these are prescribed by international services before, during and after flight.
  • Different types of choppers suitable for all types of flight services, available on a 24-hour basis, 365 days a year; specialized administrative personnel; excellent organizational structure; competitive prices, and above all, continuous care for total customer satisfaction, as well as continuous improvement on the level of the flight services offered.
  • Our office based in Mykonos, Cyclades Islands can provide to you any variant of Helicopter Charter Services in Greece.

BELL430 (2 helicopters)

BELL430 (2 helicopters)This is a twin turbine VIP helicopter which can carry between 6 to 8 passengers, two pilots, plus baggage.
Flight endurance 2:30 h.
Cruising speed 140.
It has a comfortable air-conditioned, leather-seat interior, making it one of the best helicopters in its class, ideal for long distance flights or large passenger loads.


AS 355N (Eurocopter)

AS 355N (Eurocopter)This is also a twin turbine VIP helicopter with a capacity of 4 to 5 passenger plus baggage.
Flight endurance 3:20 h.
Cruising speed 120.
The twinstar is a versatile machine that can be configured to meet most flight demands from VIP transportation to photo shoots.


AS 355F2 (Eurocopter)

AS 355F2 (Eurocopter)This is a single turbine helicopter that can carry between 3 and 4 passengers and their luggage.
Fuel range 3h.
Cruising speed 120.
Ideal for many different flight configurations, depending on passenger/fuel load. It can be used in many different ways, such as photo shoots, transportation of goods, passenger transport, etc.
AW109 HelicopterThe Agusta Westland AW109 is a light eight-seat twin-engine helicopter, produced by AgustaWestland of Italy.
The Agusta Westland AW109 has been developed to serve for both military and civil customers, and providing exceptional performance in all environmental conditions.
The AW109s fast, safe and versatile helicopter, with a maximum range of 512 nautical miles and a top speed of 173 mph.
Over 470 the AW109 Power helicopters are in service worldwide for police, EMS (emergency medical services), VIP / corporate and military applications.
Max Pass.: 7,  Cabin Length: 6.90 ft,  Cabin Width: 5.30 ft,  Lavatory: None,  Bag Capacity: 33 cu. ft,p>



ROBINSON R44 HelicopterThe Robinson R44 is a light, four-seat, single-engine helicopter manufactured by Robinson Helicopter Company, USA.
The R44 can seat up to three passengers and one pilot and has a range up to 348 nm and a top speed of 149 mph.
Max Pass.:3, Cruise Speed: 134 mph, Range: 400 sm, Cabin Length: 4.20 ft, Cabin Width: 3.90 ft, Cabin Height: 3.90 ft, Lavatory: None, Bag Capacity: 38 cu. ft