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In the Footsteps of St. Paul

In the Footsteps of St. Paul [O-233]

8 Days - 7 Overnights Adana - Antalya - Aspendos - Cappadocia - Konya

St. Paul was perhaps the only one among Jesus' worshipers and Apostles that had never seen Jesus before His Crucifixion. He, nevertheless, made numerous missionary journeys in Asia Minor, Greece and almost all around the Mediterranean; It is known that his ship stranded in one of Malta's bays, renamed after him to St. Paul's Bay. To Asia Minor he went after his visit to Cyprus: he, together with Apostle Barnabas, visited Antioch on the Orontes, Seleucia, Tarsus, Pisidian Antioch, Lystra (Hatunsaray) and Derbe (Kerti ...

8-Day Classical Tour of Turkey

8-Day Classical Tour of Turkey [O-232]

8 Days - 7 Overnights

You land at Izmir airport. We meet you there and, for the 7 following days, we take you to visit the most important archaeological sites in Ephesus, Hierapolis, Konya, Cappadocia, Kayseri and Istanbul. We combine the Meditteranean climate of Ephesus with the Continental one of Cappadocia, but your transfers will be in air-conditioned coaches; no reason to worry. We also combine visits to Turkey's Greco-Roman past and monuments of importance to the local Muslim tradition. You will always feel that you are in a country forming ...

Great Archaeological Tour of Turkey

Great Archaeological Tour of Turkey [O-230]

19 Days - 18 Overnights Ankara - Antalya - Assos - Bodrum - Cappadocia - Dalyan - Dikili - Fethiye - Istanbul - Kas - Konya - Kusadasi - Pamukkale

This is the longest guided tour of Turkey, that is unless moving to there! During this tour you will feel sorry for having to leave each and every site, though knowing that the next one will be equally interesting! Classics enthusiasts, lovers of civilization in general, student groups, lovers of Greece and Turkey, you are all welcome. You can combine this tour starting off from Greece, while on extended vacation, with visiting the islands of the Aegean, or flying directly from home. You could also continue your vacation at ...

Classic Istanbul & Ephesus

Classic Istanbul & Ephesus [O-227]

6 Days - 5 Overnights Istanbul - Ephesus - Izmir - Kusadasi, Turkey

Already having travelled all the way to Greece, you might want to fulfill an old wish of yours to also visit Turkey. Because it is a long way from home and coming back to the same part of the world may remain a dream, this excursion may come as a solution and visit both Greece AND Turkey. Or, you may want to visit Turkey first and continue your travel in the Greel Islands. Whichever way, in just 6 days you can get a good idea of what mythical cities like Istanbul (Constantinople), Izmir and Ephesus are about. Turkey is, ...

Explore Historical and Mysterious China

Explore Historical and Mysterious China [O-207]

12 Days - 10 Overnights Beijing - Xi'an - Guilin - Shangai

It is obviously impossible to get to know China in 12 days! It would not be possible to do it in 12 years either! We at Windmills Travel, though, do not have the ambition of producing Sinologists out of you, we can't say we are either! Nevertheless, we do know that, in 12 days, it would be possible to visit the most important and well-known monuments of the Chinese Civilizatin and to admire its highlights, provided we see to that all internal travel through this huge country be by plane, to gain time. Even a simple reading ...