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Central Greece  |  Enjoy amazing greek holidays

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Central Greece (Mainland Region)

Central Greece: Islands


Central Greece: Prefectures

Aetoloakarnania, Evia, Evrytania, Fokida, Fthiotida, Viotia

Aetoloakarnania (Prefecture)

Aetoloakarnania Kallithea Waterfalls

Aetoloakarnania Kallithea Waterfalls
Welcome to Etoloakarnania!The Aetoloakarnania (or Etoloakarnania, or often Aitoloakarnania) Prefecture is inhabited by some 230.000 residents and has Messolonghi as its capital city. The most eminent characteristic of this prefecture is its abundant fresh water supply. ...

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Evia (Prefecture)

Evia View

Evia View
Welcome to Evia!Long and narrow, it stretches over the Aegean Sea very near to the shores of Mainland Greece, separated from it by the Gulf of Euboea and the famous Evripos Straits. A main highway and ferryboats from several terminals form the links with this beautiful island, which is a center of attraction for those seeking natural beauty and scenic variety. ...

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Evrytania (Prefecture)

Evrytania: Mt. Velouchi

Evrytania: Mt. Velouchi
Welcome to Evrytania!Evrytania (one could see it written also as Eurytania) is one of the prefectures forming the Periphery of Central Greece. It borders to the prefectures of Fthiotida, Karditsa and Aetoloakarnania, and it has a mountainous landscape, with Mt. Panaitoliko and Mt. Tymfristos occupying most of its territory. ...

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Fokida (Prefecture)

Galaxidi At Sunset

Galaxidi At Sunset
Welcome to Fokida!Let your steps take you to this “different” Greece… where Nature and History live, hand in hand, for millennia… Stand, once in your lifetime, at the center of the globe, the navel of the Earth. ...

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Fthiotida (Prefecture)

Welcome to Fthiotida!Dominating Lamia, the capital city of the Prefecture of Fthiotida, from a hill above it, a Frankish castle rises from the stones of the ancient acropolis. ...

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Viotia (Prefecture)

Livadia: Lambros Katsonis Statue

Livadia: Lambros Katsonis Statue
Welcome to Viotia!Livadia, the capital of the prefecture, is built between two hills on the sides of a gorge through which flow the springs of Erkina. They are known in mythology as Lethe (Forgetfulness) and Mnemosyne (Memory), and they are to be found in the north of the town, at a site known as Krya. On the top of one of the hills, Profitis llias, there is a well-preserved 14th century medieval castle. ...

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