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Peloponnese (Mainland Region)



Welcome to Peloponnese!

Peloponnese, a spectacular region that pulses with numerous resorts of unparalleled aesthetics, is considered to be an ideal destination for those who are craving a unique experience to eternally cherish. In order to luxuriate in the elegant archaeological profile of the Peloponnese, in order to relish the enchanting natural beauty of the whole landscape, and in order to enjoy the modern mentality of today's lifestyle, it is an indispensable fact that you will need the undivided support of a specialized tourist website.

Considering this need in a serious manner, we are pleased to present you with an integrated travel website, designed especially for those of you who are considering the thought of visiting the magnificent region of the Peloponnese, in order to achieve an unforgettable getaway, a special escapade. Browsing through the detailed web pages of our complete website, you will have the opportunity to receive all of the information that you have always wanted to learn about the Peloponnese, as well as detailed information concerning the tourist services that we offer you during your stay in the Peloponnese, when you finally decide to visit this multifarious and multilateral country.

If you are looking for accommodation service or other travel-related services that are needed in order to plan and organize your holidays in the most optimum possible manner, via our web pages you will have the chance to find everything that you need to know in order to make your visit to the exquisite region of the Peloponnese an unparalleled experience.

Peloponnese: Prefectures

Ahaia, Argolida, Arkadia, Ilia, Korinthia, Lakonia, Messinia

Ahaia (Prefecture)

Achaia's Beauties

Achaia's Beauties
Welcome to Achaia!Achaia is an interesting prefecture, which has a multilateral profile as it throbs with mountainous and coastal regions as well as cosmic and secluded settlements that alternate, creating a magnificent icon and sense to the visitors. ...

Explore Ahaia Prefecture

Argolida (Prefecture)

Aerial View of Granary in the Acropolis of Mycenae

Aerial View of Granary in the Acropolis of Mycenae
Welcome to Argolida!If the Peloponnese peninsula were to be seen as a four-fingered hand, Argolida (or Argolis, as it is still also named) would be its thumb. ...

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Arkadia (Prefecture)

Small Villages in the Wilderness

Small Villages in the Wilderness
Welcome to Arkadia!The prefecture of Arkadia is located in the center of the Peloponnese, while its southeastern end reaches the sea. Arkadia is a scenic and versatile prefecture, with many amazing geological features, superb beaches, ancient and religious sites and a modern winter sports center. ...

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Ilia (Prefecture)

Welcome to Ilia!Elia or Ilia Prefecture comprises some 2,617 square kilometers of primarily fine fertile farm country, mostly in the plain of Elia where the Alpheios river, the largest of the Peloponnese, flows into the Ionian Sea. It was one of the nicest prefectures, and had a lovely atmosphere and ambience, but the recent fires destroyed most of it and we have to wait for some time until things are cleared. ...

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Korinthia (Prefecture)

Korinthia: Goura Village

Korinthia: Goura Village
Explore Korinthia Prefecture

Lakonia (Prefecture)

Lakonia Plytra Beach

Lakonia Plytra Beach
Welcome to the Prefecture of Lakonia! Lakonia (or even Laconia) occupies the southernmost part of the Peloponnese. It borders to the Prefectures of Arcadia to the north and Messinia to the west. The Myrtoan Sea, the Laconian Gulf and the Mediterranean Sea embrace the Laconian territory from the east and south. Cape Malea and Cape Tainaron extend deep into the Mediterranean waters. Mt. ...

Explore Lakonia Prefecture

Messinia (Prefecture)

Olive Tree: Main Agricultural Production of Messinia

Olive Tree: Main Agricultural Production of Messinia
Welcome to Messinia!Messinia or Messinea Prefecture is a most gifted part of the Peloponnese. It is not exclusively tourism oriented and thus not crowded with flocks of rivals for a sunbathing stretch of sand. Those travelers who finally make their way here are profoundly rewarded by the beauty of the region and the wealth of cultural and natural sightseeing attractions. ...

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