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ChinaThe only civilization with the same (or still greater) historical depth as the Greek Civilization is the Chinese Civilization. However, it did not have the privilege of giving birth to a Chinese Alexander the Great, so as to have its civilization and culture expanded and radiated to the entire known world of the time. For many reasons, the Chinese remained insular and hidden from view, their civilization confined to the Chinese territories, entrenched behind the foreboding Chinese Wall. It remained this way, unknown to the rest of the world and did not influence the evolution of Western Civilization as much as it would otherwise have done, to such an extent that Marco Polo's travelogues were considered subversive fairy tales, resulting in his incarceration!

We invite you, therefore, to pay a well-worthy visit to China and to admire the most important monuments of this immensly important civilization, assuring you that it is a most merited endeavor!
Explore Historical and Mysterious China

Explore Historical and Mysterious China [O-207]

12 Days - 10 Overnights Beijing - Xi'an - Guilin - Shangai

It is obviously impossible to get to know China in 12 days! It would not be possible to do it in 12 years either! We at Windmills Travel, though, do not have the ambition of producing Sinologists out of you, we can't say we are either! Nevertheless, we do know that, in 12 days, it would be possible to visit the most important and well-known monuments of the Chinese Civilizatin and to admire its highlights, provided we see to that all internal travel through this huge country be by plane, to gain time. Even a simple reading ...