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Ahaia (Prefecture)

Achaia's Beauties

Achaia's Beauties

Welcome to Achaia!

Achaia is an interesting prefecture, which has a multilateral profile as it throbs with mountainous and coastal regions as well as cosmic and secluded settlements that alternate, creating a magnificent icon and sense to the visitors. The prefecture of Achaia belongs to the greater geographical district of Peloponnese and it borders with Corinth in the east, with Arcadia in the south, with Elia in the west, as well as with the gulf of Corinth and the gulf of Patra in the north. Achaia has approximately 300.000 inhabitants.

The prefecture of Achaia comprises of numerous towns, hamlets and villages, which are all very special. The interesting Aegio, which is the second largest town of the prefecture, the historical and scenic town Kalavryta with the popular ski center, the cosmopolitan resort and transportation hub Rio, the coastal village Diakofto, Kalogria with the infinite sandy beach, the traditional mountainous village Zahlorou, the seaside village Akrata with the beautiful natural sites, are the most renowned settlements of the prefecture of Achaia. Achaia, apart from being an ideal destination for your holidays, is also an important hub of the incoming tourism from Western Europe.

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Chris Paul Hotel

Situated in the village of Diakofto and surrounded by a citrus grove, this family owned and operated hotel features a warm and welcoming atmosphere, no-frills accommodation, and a pretty garden area with swimming pool.

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Category: 2-Star Hotels
Location: Peloponnese (Mainland Region) | Ahaia (Prefecture) | Aegio City
Holidays in Chris Paul HotelHolidays in Chris Paul Hotel

Hotel Suggestion
Anerada Hotel

Winter or summer, stunning scenery surrounds this lovely hotel, with its comfortable and elegant furnishings. Only twelve guest rooms, maisonettes and suites are offered here, so the atmosphere is intimate and relaxing.

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Category: 3-Star Hotels
Location: Peloponnese (Mainland Region) | Ahaia (Prefecture) | Kalavrita Town
Holidays in Anerada HotelHolidays in Anerada Hotel

Ahaia: Cities and Towns

Aegio City, Kalavrita Ski Center, Kalavrita Town, Lakopetra, Patras City, Rio Village, Zachlorou Village

Photo Albums

Photo Gallery

Beach in Achaia near Diakopto

Beach in Achaia near Diakopto
Geological Formations in Achaia

Geological Formations in Achaia