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Thassos Touring

If you begin your tour of the island on the east coast and heading south along the coastal ring road, you begin to pass some lovely resort areas and outstanding beaches, the first of which is Makryammos. The road continues up to the lovely traditional village of Panagia, a large village with tourist facilities. It overlooks the beach of Chrysi Ammos at the Bay of Potamia. The next noteworthy village is Potamia, surrounded by pine trees and lying at the foot of Mt. Psarios, the highest elevation of the island at 1,203 meters. If you are inclined to make the four-hour climb to the top, then you start from this village. From Potamia, there is an access road leading back down to the coastal road. Continuing south along the coast, you’ll reach several resort areas, the most organized of which include Koinyra and Alyki. Most of the ancient marble quarries are not far from Alyki, which also has two lovely churches nearby, with the convent of the Archangel Michael located 5 kilometers or so further along the coastal road (see photo, credits Peter Reed).

As you round the south coast, enjoying really beautiful views, the next resort area that you reach is called Astris. From this point on, you begin to work your way up the west coast of the island toward the second largest town, Limenaria. Before reaching the town, there is an inland road from the seaside resort of Potos, which takes you up to the lovely 16th Century village of Theologos, a delight to explore for its old mansions and lovely churches. Returning back to the coastal road, you will shortly reach Limenaria. This waterfront town has a good tourist infrastructure, and many beaches, and it is just about at the halfway point in your round-the-island tour. During the summer months, there are excursion boats that tour the coastline of Mt. Athos.

From the town, you have three options; the first is to take the dirt track that leads to the inland village of Kastro, one of the most well fortified villages on the island and one of the most interesting to explore. The second option, which can be done when you return to the main road from your visit to Kastro, is to join a paved road leading to the village of Maries, picturesque for its lovely wooded surroundings overlooking the valley. The village can also be reached if you prefer your third option, which is to continue on the coastal road west, then north, from Limenaria to the pretty settlement of Skala Marion. From here, the road continues north up the coast, or branches off to Maries in the east.

On the coastal road moving northward, there are many small seaside resorts, most with access to various inland villages. From Skala Sotiras, you can go inland to the village of Sotiras, which is an old mining town; from the port of Prinos, you can work your way inland to the two villages of Kazaviti. Mikro Kazaviti will take you to the convent of Ai. Panelimona, while Megalo Kazaviti has a lovely traditional atmosphere, some beautiful old, traditional houses, and a lovely main square. Once you’re back again on the coastal road, you are getting quite close to your starting point at the capital. There are several more seaside settlements to pass; Skala Prinou, the port; and Skala Rahoniou, with the excellent beach of Pahy nearby.