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About Private Tours

Private escorted tours to some of the most fascinating destinations within Greece!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our new section of exclusive private tours and excursions.  These have been designed for both individuals and groups who are looking for fully escorted itineraries within Greece.  They run from as few as 4 days to as many as 12 days, and include the most desirable destinations in the country, many of which are combined together in one vacation package to offer an extraordinary amount of variety, yet with a great deal of flexibility.
Each itinerary features outstanding personal attention from the moment you arrive in Greece, until the moment of your departure.  With our professional escorts/guides, you will have the opportunity to enjoy an in-depth exploration of each destination within your selected program, affording you the richest and most memorable experience.  Along the way, we also guarantee plenty of fun, moments of relaxation, and always interesting destinations.
These outstanding itineraries are ideal for a wide variety of interests and will appeal to groups assembled from all areas, including university groups who might be interested in the cultural, historical, or archaeological aspects of Greece, to church groups focusing on the rich religious history of this country and the region.  There is no question that many of the programs will also greatly appeal to artists, most especially painters and marble carvers.  Whether groups of family members or friends, or clubs and organizations, you will find that our attention to your group’s needs will ensure that your selected program will be achieved safely and comfortably, and with the marvelous hospitality for which Greece is so well known.    
Tour prices are based on the total number of participants, with per-person prices being the least expensive the larger the group.  Our group size is defined as follows:
  • From 1 to 3 persons
  • From 4 to 10 persons
  • From 11 to 16 persons
  • From 17 to 24
  • From 25 to 34
  • From 35 to 48
Bear in mind that all of these programs offer you a very high degree of flexibility.  For instance, if dinners are included, you may upgrade from a standard taverna to a fish taverna, or change mode of transportation from a ferryboat to a Highspeed craft, or even to an airplane where appropriate.
As with all of our itineraries, you are never limited to what you see on the pages of our website.  After all, tailor-made programs are our specialty!