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While planning and organizing our Tours and Excursions Department, we decided to participate in all of the standard excursions offered throughout Greece, so as to get a feel for what it's like for you to be on a guided tour, and to exchange views with the tour participants.

In almost every case, we witnessed a guide herding a group of people around who looked bored and disinterested. We also witnessed guides leading groups too large, and at a pace too fast, for elderly participants to keep up with, and beginning their narration before the entire group could gather around. We conversed with people who were infuriated by the all too obvious fact that everything was planned on the basis of minimizing the cost (admittedly, a necessary step for the price of the final product to be competitive), without taking into consideration all the money you've spent just getting here and that your time is valuable too!

We, on the other hand, are obsessed with having you fall in love with our country, so we have decided to offer you a different tour experience, one that is more about quality than about price.  We have carefully chosen our guides to inspire, interest and educate you about our magnificent, historically rich and naturally beautiful corner of the world.

On our excursions and tours, you will have your own guide, which allows you to interact with a top-notch professional at each stop on your selected itinerary. We use different guides, each selected for their expertise in the area/subject you have chosen, talented guides who have very specialized interests. Our tours and private tours may seem a bit expensive, but the care and attention that you receive, while visiting sites steeped with thousands of years of history, will not be found anywhere else.  Since you've decided to take an expensive trip overseas, we believe that you should make the most of it ... make it truly a vacation dream of a lifetime.

Let us travel your dreams!