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Evros (Prefecture)

Evros Delta

Evros Delta

Welcome to Evros!

You have reached the northernmost of the Greek Prefectures! It occupies the northeastern and eastern part of the Greek Thrace. It is named after River Evros, which flows along the eastern edge of the prefecture, forming the common border between Greece and Turkey. Further to the north, Evros Prefecture borders to Bulgaria. To the west lies the Prefecture of Rhodopi.

Evros Prefecture, with its 4242 sq. kms, is the sixth largest in Greece and the largest one in Thrace, covering approximately half of its total area. The prefecture's capital is Alexandroupolis (the City of Alexander), which is also Thrace's largest port. The prefecture includes the small island of Samothrace. The Rhodope mountains lie to the west.

The Evros Prefecture's coastline is full with lively resorts with good tourist infrastructure. The climate here is Mediterranean, mainly continental otherwise with cold winters in the higher elevations and the northern part. The famous Evros Delta is of high ecological importance. Its lagoons are home to an astonishing variety of more than 350 plant species, 46 fish species, 21 reptile and 40 mammal species. Moreover, it is highly important for its bird wildlife. The Forest of Dadia nature reserve acts as a cradle of life for rare predatory birds.

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Egnatia Grand

Alexandroupolis most exclusive address for demanding travelers, the Egnatia Grand was totally rebuilt during 2002 and is ideal for business, family vacations or day excursions to the Dadia Forest and the Evros River delta.

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Category: 4-Star Hotels
Location: Thrace (Mainland Region) | Evros (Prefecture) | Alexandroupolis City
Holidays in Egnatia GrandHolidays in Egnatia Grand

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Electra Hotel

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Category: 3-Star Hotels
Location: Thrace (Mainland Region) | Evros (Prefecture) | Orestiada Town

Evros: Cities and Towns

Alexandroupolis City, Orestiada Town, Kamariotissa, Paleopolis, Samothraki Town, Therma

Evros: Islands


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Evros River Delta

Evros River Delta