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Domokos Town

Domokos: View Of The Town And The Castle

Domokos: View Of The Town And The Castle

Welcome to Domokos!

Traveling north of Lamia, a zigzag road leads to Domokos, a town known from modern Greek History. Built at a fine spot overlooking the Thessaly Plain, Domokos played an important role during the Greek National revolution against Turkish rule in 1821-1828; it was annexed to Greece in 1881, and a series of serious battles took place here later, during the Helleno-Turkish war of 1897, resulting in a high number of casualties. An Islamic monument is built on the spot, dedicated to the Turkish victims, with inscriptions in Turkish and Arabic.

This is by no means a resort, but it is worth an excursion if you happen to be in the area. Old traditional buildings, a traditional church, a medieval castle built on the ruins of the ancient Acropolis, the Aghia Paraskevi Church, well preserved Turkish steam baths, a thriving local dairy products market, and a fantastic view over the whole of the Thessaly Plain more than justify your effort and time (please see our photo album of the town).

One could combine visiting Domokos with visiting the ruins of nearby ancient Melitaea. Melitaea used to cut their own coinage (around 5th century B.C.) which resembled the one of Aegina, tell-tale of commercial relations with Viotia rather than Macedonia and Athens. There were held bull acrobatics ceremonies (Taurokathapsia) in the region, similar to the ones in Minoan Crete, and it was during these festivity periods that extra cash was needed. Later, king Philip II of Macedonia occupied Melitaea and had it renamed to Philippopolis, this new name though was changed back to its original as soon as political circumstances allowed it. Worth visiting is also the nearby Byzantine Monastery of the Holy Trinily (Agia Triada).

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Domokos Main Square

Domokos Main Square
Domokos Main Street

Domokos Main Street