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Amfilochia Town

Welcome to Amfilochia!

A small town of 6000 people, Amphilochia lies at the entrance of Amvrakikos Bay, 310 kilometers (192 miles) from Athens. It belongs to the Prefecture of Aetoloakarnania and is amphitheatrically built on the side of two hills, next to the sea. It has always been a transport center and a station for travelers to Ioannina, Corfu, Lefkada and Arta, and has, in a way, come “closer” to southern Greece since the new Rio-Antirrio bridge was inaugurated.

The town offers an adequate tourist infrastructure for transit visitors, as well as for those who decide to spend their summer or winter vacations here. The whole of the Amvrakikos Bay is a major fishing center, thus the main dishes offered in tavernas here is fish.

If you spend your summer vacation here, you’ll enjoy the two communal organized beaches at the town’s two ends, as well as the huge beach at Bouka settlement. In case you are a loner, you can take advantage of the existence of a number of small pebbly beaches in the nearby Amvrakikos Bay.

Agriculture (tobacco, olives), fishing (the famous Amvrakian Shrimp and some pisciculture plants in the bay), and tourism are the three pillars of the local economy.

Despite the fact that the town is open only to the sea, during the summer there blows a cool “Maistros” wind that drops the temperature to a temperate level. The sea of Amfilochia is free from pollution.