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Amfissa City

Welcome to Amfissa!

Amfissa (or Amphissa) is the capital city of the Prefecture of Fokida (or Fokis). Surrounded by mountains, overlooking the serene millennia-old silver Olive Grove of Amphissa plain, it is inhabited by some 12,000 people, and it has a Cultural Center, an Archaeological and a Cultural Museum, a Public Library, a City Band and Chorus, and a Municipal Conservatory and Artistic Workshop, as well as the ever present cultural and athletic clubs. There are also Technical Professional Institutions (Department of Tourism), High Schools, Primary Schools, Nurseries and other Educational and Professional Institutions.

Of special interest to visitors are the traditional tanning and bell and rope manufacturing cottage industries, not easily found any longer in Greece. Visitors are urged to also visit the local Cathedral devoted to the Annunciation of Our Lady, the walls of which are covered with fine frescoes by the famous Greek painter Spiros Papaloukas, the Orgia Fortress (or Castle of Salona, as Amfissa was named from the Byzantine times until after the reinstating of the Modern Greek State in 1828) and the acropolis of Amfissa.

In the proximity of the city, at the foot of the hill of Kofinas, there is a Mycenaean tomb, chiseled in the rock and called by locals Lycotrypa (“The Wolf Lair”). There is also the church of “Sotiros” (“The Savior”), a 11th or 12th century edifice, considered to be an architectural masterpiece. There are also many traditional neo-classical buildings adorned with plaster decorations and beautiful frescoes by local painters of the time.