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Arnaia Village

Welcome to Arnaia!

Arnaia is a picturesque little town in Halkidiki, 58 km from Thessaloniki and 37 km from Poliyiros. As one of the older villages of Halkidiki, Arnaia has kept the traditional aspect of having narrow streets, tiny squares with stone fountains in their centers and houses which are two or three-storied.

The houses were and are usually heated with a brick fireplace with a cylindrical stone or clay chimney decorated on the top. Traditional houses were built with earth and stone as well as wood of chestnut, oak and beach trees. Walking through the peaceful and entrancing streets of ecquisite Arnaia one notices the perfection in regards to the architecture and it's presentation.

Be sure to visit the museum, which belongs to the municipality. Visually located in the town center, it is housed in a two-storey town-house of the eighteenth century, which was owned by Konstandinos Katsangelos and used to accommodate the folklore collection put together by the Arnaia Cultural and Educational Association. It has been renovated recently and re-opened as a museum in the summer of 1999. The purpose of the museum is to display artefacts of the popular culture of Arnaia and the surrounding area.