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Nea Moudania Village

Welcome to Nea Moudania!

Nea Moudania is located a short distance before reaching the first peninsula of Kassandra, approximately 62 km south from Thessaloniki.

In 1821, when the Greek Revolution began, people of Chalkidiki under the leadership of Emmanouil Papas surged forward in the revolution against the Turkish. Finally, in 1912, Greek rebels succeeded in ousting their oppressors and Chalkidiki was reunited with the rest of Greece. This union with the rest of the Greece led to another dramatic change in the fortunes of Chalkidiki. In 1921, there was an exchange of populations, as the result of the Asia Minor catastrophe. Refugees from Asia Minor, Eastern Thrace and Bulgaria moved in and injected Chalkidiki with new economic and political strength while introducing their unique culture, music and foods. Many incomers named their new villages after their old ones, hence the name Nea (New) Moudania.

Today, "Nea Moudania" (a city of 4,500 people) is a modern town, with beaches that are famous worldwide and have the reputation of reminding visitors of tropical scenery, with their crystal-clear blue or turquoise waters and long fine sandy beaches. The Yachting Club of Nea Moudania, with its numerous activities, has won many international honors with its sailing courses and in international fishing competitions.