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North Aegean Islands | Chios | Kardamyla Village  |  Enjoy amazing greek holidays
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Kardamyla Village

Chios Kardamyla Sea View

Chios Kardamyla Sea View

Welcome to Kardamyla!

Situated 28 kilometers (17.4 miles) north of the capital on the east coast of Chios, this large sprawling village is actually divided into two sections, separated from each other by about two kilometers (1.25 miles). The two sections together support a population of about 2,000 inhabitants, so there are plenty of restaurants and shops to be found.

The older section lies at the foot of the steep hill called Mount Grias. It’s a beautiful village to explore. Narrow, cobblestone streets, some with covered passageways, highlight the beautiful stone houses and emphasize the traditional aspects of this old village. The village was built on the site of the ancient village of the same name. It lies above and overlooking the second, newer section of the village, which is referred to as Marmaro.

Built within the protected part of the large bay, the beautiful seaside village of Marmaro is delightful to explore. Here you’ll find many mansions built by former captains and ship owners of Chios. In the main square of the harbor is the statue of a local sailor, sculpted by Apartis.

There’s an abundance of natural beauty surrounding the villages. You’ll have the opportunity to explore caves, natural springs, and small wooded areas filled with cedar and cypress trees. Near the springs you’ll find plenty of plane trees, plus a wide variety of vegetation and a small animal and bird population.

While here, take some time to explore the old abandoned area called Spilia, with remains of intriguing stone-built houses; visit the Church of Aghios Nikolaos Prinaritis, the older temple of which dates to the 13th century, and which contains lovely and well preserved frescoes; and the church of Aghios Loukas, built around 1600 in the area of Livadi, with a second part of the church built about 100 years ago. The church contains a magnificent iconostasis, well worth your viewing.

The area boasts of some lovely beaches, all nestled in secluded bays, though easily accessible by car. Just 6 kilometers (3.75 miles)from the village is the bay and beach of Giosonas (also Yiosonas), which is a very long expanse of pebble beach surrounded by mountain slopes covered with pine trees and orchards. Just south of that, 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) from Kardamyla, is the beautiful beach of Nagos, with small pebbles and natural springs, and restaurants and tavernas with fresh seafood. The beach of Vlichada, 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) from the village, is situated in the bay of the same name, with a picturesque plain filled with olive trees stretching up to pine-covered low hills. The nearest beach to the village is called Anemi, a pleasant and convenient beach, though it is less protected from the wind.

Photo Gallery

Chios Kardamyla Little Beach

Chios Kardamyla Little Beach
Chios Kardamyla Nagos Beach

Chios Kardamyla Nagos Beach