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Mastihari Village

Welcome to Mastihari!

Approximately 3 kilometers northwest of Antimachia lies the village of Mastihari or Mastichari, where one can find some of the most beautiful beaches on Kos. The port is always full with fishermen that daily provide the local tavernas with fresh fish. And guess what: Another festival takes place here, the Mastihari Wine Festival, where you should go if you love home-made wine, local delicacies and Greek music. Mastihari is also your gate to the neighboring island of Kalymnos, since daily cruises are available from the port of the village.

Hotel Suggestion
Marmari Palace Hotel

This hotel is a five-star complex located in the area of Mastichari and right on the beach. The design and architecture is outstanding, and gives the appearance of a small village.

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Category: 5-Star Hotels
Location: Dodecanese Islands (Island Complex) | Kos (Island) | Mastihari Village
Holidays in Marmari Palace HotelHolidays in Marmari Palace Hotel

Hotel Suggestion
Mastichari Bay Hotel

Certainly the main feature of this resort is the layout and beautiful gardens surrounding the 23 two-storey bungalow buildings.

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Category: 4-Star Hotels
Location: Dodecanese Islands (Island Complex) | Kos (Island) | Mastihari Village
Holidays in Mastichari Bay HotelHolidays in Mastichari Bay Hotel