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Dimitsana Town

Dimitsana View from the West

Dimitsana View from the West

Welcome to Dimitsana!

When Pausanias visited ancient Tefthis in 174 A.D., he described it as a town, but he did write that, in the past, it used to be a big city with Walls and Temples. Tefthis did actually have its own coins. Today, on the ruins of the ancient city, at an altitude of 960 to 1080 meters (2880 to 3240 feet), Dimitsana is built. According to written sources, Dimitsana must have been built in the 7th or 8th centuries. Farming and animal husbandry must have been, then as well as now, the basic sources for making a living here.

Harnessing the water power available in the area gave birth to a basic tanning and gun powder producing activity. It is very well known that, during the Greek revolutionary struggle against Turkish oppression, the Greek warriors were supplied with powder by the Powder Mills of Dimitsana. It is also well documented that, because of paper shortages during that period, the people in charge in Dimitsana decided to use the books in the Municipal Library to produce the cartridges needed “to liberate the nation,” as this was of a much higher priority.

The city has a fantastic climate and offers easy access to both mountain and river sports. Mt Mainalon and the Loussios River are both nearby. The city’s stone-paved streets and beautiful architecture (stone-built, two or three storied buildings with wooden balconies and tiled roofs) are visions of paradise for photographers.

Visitors are definitely urged to visit the open-air water power museum and six of the powder mills, now renovated. The Municipal Library houses rare books. There is an adequate tourist service infrastructure. Dimitsana can be easily reached from Athens through the new national road Athens - Corinth – Tripoli and the Artemission tunnel (1400 meters – 0.86 miles).

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Dimitsana Hotel

Dimitsana Hotel is built of wood and stone, in a very attractive modern architectural style. Recently renovated, it offers all modern amenities in a warm and welcoming environment, ideal for your winter or summer getaway.

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Category: Traditional Inns
Location: Peloponnese (Mainland Region) | Arkadia (Prefecture) | Dimitsana Town
Holidays in Dimitsana HotelHolidays in Dimitsana Hotel

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Dimitsana Panoramic View from the East

Dimitsana Panoramic View from the East
Dimitsana Municipal Historical Library

Dimitsana Municipal Historical Library
Dimitsana: Signs of Interest to Travelers

Dimitsana: Signs of Interest to Travelers