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Limnos: Myrina and Part of The Castle

Limnos: Myrina and Part of The Castle

Welcome to Myrina!

Myrina, the capital town and main port of Limnos Island, is built on the same spot where the ancient city once existed. It is a very picturesque town stretching over two bays, one where the current port was built, and the other over the adjacent bay of Romeikos Yialos. The two bays join exactly where the robust Byzantine castle stands, once a stronghold of the town’s defenders, and now frequented by deer and overwhelmed by visitors. The uphill path to the castle also offers spectacular views, before reaching the huge walls of the largest fortress in the Aegean.

Besides the castle, the town itself is very interesting, with narrow stone-paved alleyways, tile-roofed mansions and old houses, open-hearted friendly locals, tens of fishing caiques anchored in a row in the port, and many tavernas serving the freshest of fish and very good local wine. Here you'll find fantastic swimming in the crystal clear water of both Romeikos Yialos (Greek Seafront) and its adjacent Riha Nera (=Shallow Waters, ideal for kids), sunbathing on both sand beaches, and unforgettable sunsets from either the beachfront or the castle.

In fact, from the castle you have a view over half of the Aegean Sea as far as Mt. Athos of Chalkidiki! All of this combines to prove a most relaxing and educational stay. All important, with respect to the latter, are the local Archaeological Museum and the Ecclesiastical Museum of the Holy Metropolis of Limnos.

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Afrodite Hotel & Amygdalies Apts.

Two separate buildings combine to offer a good location, lovely views, and comfortable, well-equipped accommodation. Situated in quiet residential areas of the main port, you have access to everything.

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Category: 2-Star Hotels
Location: North Aegean Islands (Island Complex) | Limnos (Island) | Myrina
Holidays in Afrodite Hotel & Amygdalies Apts.Holidays in Afrodite Hotel & Amygdalies Apts.

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