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Welcome to Ouranoupolis!

Welcome to the "City of the Heavens" as its name can be translated. Calling it a city is certainly an exaggeration, since it is just a village with a small fishing port, but a Heavenly Village is a well deserved name! The name was probably given to it because it is at the threshold of the Mt. Athos monastic community and visitors to the Holy Monasteries cannot help passing through it. There is also a fortified tower on the sea-front, having served as both a lookout post for any eventual intruders and a well fortified defensive spot. Even if one does not intend to pay a visit to the masterly built, almost ten centuries old monasteries, the place is well worth a visit. Its serene environment and crystal clear water of its beaches attract many international visitors.

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Eagles Palace

This excellent five-star resort is situated on the beautiful sand beach of Ouranoupolis, in a convenient position for daily outings to explore some fantastic nearly sites and beautiful countryside.

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Category: 5-Star Hotels
Location: Macedonia (Mainland Region) | Halkidiki (Prefecture) | Ouranoupolis
Holidays in Eagles PalaceHolidays in Eagles Palace