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Matala Beach Resort

Heraklion Matala Beach with Caves

Heraklion Matala Beach with Caves

Welcome to Matala!

Matala was, in antiquity, the port of Phaistos and Gortys. Before it was discovered by the “flower children” movement of the sixties, it was a fishing village. Due to their liberal ways, totally unacceptable to the then ruling Junta Regime, they were forced to leave. In the following decades, Matala developed into a modern holiday resort.

It is located 75 km (46.5 miles) from Heraklion, near to and 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) southwest of the village of Pitsidia. It is built on the coastline in a cove of the Messara Bay. An array of caves along the psammitic coast, created by nature or dug by humans, gives the place its most distinctive characteristic. The ancient city ruins are still visible at the bottom of the bay.

Many such sunken antiquities are to be found in the Aegean, as the sea level gradually rose over time. So, it is not true that all of those antiquities have “sunk,” it was rather that the sea level rose to cover them. Archaeological excavations have brought to light proof that the area was used as a resort since prehistoric times, because it seems that the then wealthy inhabitants of Phaistos and Gortys had their palaces built there as well!

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Matala Bay Hotel

Built at the foot of the mountain, surrounded by trees and greenery, the recently revamped Matala Bay Hotel offers traditional Cretan hospitality and family warmth and good, basic accommodation, swimming pool and restaurant.

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Category: 2-Star Hotels
Location: Crete (Island Complex) | Crete/Heraklion (Island) | Matala Beach Resort
Holidays in Matala Bay HotelHolidays in Matala Bay Hotel

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Heraklion Matala Caves

Heraklion Matala Caves
Heraklion Matala Beach

Heraklion Matala Beach