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Welcome to Filiates!

Filiates is the third biggest town of Thesprotia Prefecture and lies about 18 km away from Igoumenitsa. Many buildings here follow the Epirotic architectural style, which makes use of the locally abundant stone. They use chiseled stone to build the house and slate to build the roof.. Interesting sightseeing as far as architecture is concerned, are the School and the Hospital buildings. Local excursions include Monastery of Giromeri, 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) from Filiates, built in 1285, or, according to other sources, between 1310 and 1320 AD. During the Turkish occupation, lessons in Greek were secretly given here by literate monks. Another sightseeing option is the traditional village of Tsamandas and its cultural museum. Sagiada, a most picturesque port nearby, was during the Turkish rule the most important port of Epirus. It is recorded that Ali Pasha met with Napoleon here and discussed the way the former could assist the latter with his expeditions.