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Volos City



Welcome to Volos!

Situated at the center point of the Greek mainland, Volos is located approximately in between the two main urban centers, Athens to the south, and Thessaloniki to the north (approximately 300-320 kms-185-200 Miles). It is the major outlet to the sea from Thessaly, and is considered to be the country’s largest agricultural region in size.

The population of Volos includes the Municipality of two distinct regions, that of Nea Ionia with 50,000 inhabitants, and the nearly 90,000 in the Municipality of Volos. Together, these two combine to create the Greater Volos conurbation of approximately 150,000. From a previous point of 4.887 inhabitants in the year 1881, prior to the declaration of Thessaly to the Greek State, one is able to clearly depict its status today, a growing and thriving region rich in diversity.

With an economy based significantly on manufacturing, trade services and, of course, tourism, Volos today is considered to be the third largest port in the country. By combining the Mt Pelion craftsmen, the prominent labor force of Thessaly, and investments allocated by the Greek Diaspora, a crucial industrial center has gradually developed, creating a dynamic European City with modern amenities. These include an active cultural atmosphere, a modern University, considered to be one of the best in the country in the field of music, as well as extensive and varied opportunities for entertainment and leisure for both internal and external patrons.

Hotel Suggestion
Estiada Family Hotel

This small complex of three large apartments of 90 square meters (970 sq.ft) each is available year-round. Its location is convenient to Volos, and makes an excellent base for touring the area.

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Category: Self Catering
Location: Thessaly (Mainland Region) | Magnesia (Prefecture) | Volos City
Holidays in Estiada Family HotelHolidays in Estiada Family Hotel

Hotel Suggestion
Valis Resort and Spa

Operating since 2008, and open year-round, the Valis has a full service spa combining Western practices with traditional treatments of the East, together with 107 well-equipped rooms and suites, a swimming pool, and two restaurants.

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Category: 5-Star Hotels
Location: Thessaly (Mainland Region) | Magnesia (Prefecture) | Volos City
Holidays in Valis Resort and SpaHolidays in Valis Resort and Spa

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