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The valley of Razlog, situated amongst three mountains, is an amazing view of high hills towering high over fertile meadows. The old quarter “Varosha” demonstrates the way Razlog looked during the late 19th century; and also the Historic Museum tells us more about the life of the people in these years.
Razlog is an administrative, cultural and economical centre of the Municipality of Razlog. Characteristic features for its atmosphere are the charismatic combinations of the different architectural styles during the Revival – the style of the old houses in the 30s of the previous century and the modern architecture of nowadays. The procession of the Kukerite (Masquerade) on 1st January is one of the most impressive ones in the country. The Historic Museum inthe Parapunov’s house shows us the way the local people lived in the Revival. The town is a starting point of many interesting mountain-walking routes, which will lead you to a lot of historical places of interest, such as the preserved territories of Krushe and Iztoka, the places of Kalyata and Betolovoto in the Pirin mountain, as well as Stolovatets, Katarino and Perivol in Rila.