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Classical Greece: Half-Day Ancient Corinth

This is an opportunity to view the incredible Corinth Canal and to explore the historic sites of beautiful Corinth.

Corinthos Canal

Corinthos Canal

We'll leave Athens and drive southwest until we reach the Corinth Canal, connecting the Aegean Sea with the Ionian Sea. We'll have a short stop here to view this amazing site. The tour continues with a drive to visit the ancient town of Corinth, where St. Paul lived and preached for two years. The remains of the city, which include the Agora (market place) and Apollo's Temple (6th century B.C.) clearly show how rich and important Corinth was in ancient times. There will be a short stop at the site of the Ancient Port of Cehries, where St. Paul disembarked. Return to Athens.


Rates are subject to change in case the archaeological sites and / or museums increase the entrance fees

From: Athens City


Corinth City

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Corinthos Canal

Corinthos Canal