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Paros to Mykonos & Delos One-Day Cruise

A one-day trip visiting the two different but very well-known islands of Delos and Mykonos.

Delos Island At Spring Time (A Picture Taken By Henry Wu)

Delos Island At Spring Time (A Picture Taken By Henry Wu)

An outstanding visit to two of the most interesting and exciting islands of the Cyclades. The first is Delos, the Sacred Island of the ancient Greeks, with it's unique archaeological monuments and one of the most important archaeological museums in all of Greece. The twin gods, Apollo and Artemis, were believed to have been born there. Visitors can admire it's many ancient remains, including the Temple of Apollo and the Terrace of the Lions.

Our second stop is Mykonos, the internationally known jet-set paradise, with the Little Venice of the Aegean, a true storybook picture of beauty. It has a wonderful traditional style which is maintained even with its newer buildings.

We will have about a 3-hour stay on Mykonos which will give you the opportunity to explore its superb beaches, small churches and chapels, its glittering houses with dovecotes and marble staircases. You can walk around the windmills, visit the Archaeological museum (there is also a very rich Maritime museun downtown) and the area of Little Venice, or if you like, stroll through the town to enjoy its elegant shops and boutiques ...but don't lose track of time. The main town of Mykonos, according to the tourist version, was built as a labyrinth to baffle pirates in the 19th Century, and it still baffles tourists today! Likely, a more faithful version of the truth is that this kind of town planning, the same as we saw on Delos (when there were no pirates around!), helps to brake down the velocity of the wind, creating more favorable conditions for everyday life in the town.


Kindly note that, for the excursion to Delos, it's possible to have a guide if you like, which is arranged by our office. The cost of the guide and the entrance fee to Delos is not included in the price of this tour.

We strongly back this option, since many visitors change their minds once they put their foot on Delos, (too late for what it is worth!) as soon as they realize the vastness of the archaeological site and the impossibility to tell which monument is which, since successive building layers of more than 1000 years lay one on top of the other! 

From: Parikia Town


Delos (Island), Mykonos (Island)

Photo Gallery

Delos Terrace of the Lions

Delos Terrace of the Lions
Mykonos Alleys

Mykonos Alleys