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National Archaeological Museum of Athens - Prehistoric Collection

The New York Times has recently (April 2008) published an article on Athens. In it there is a reference to the National Archaeological Museum of Athens: "In neighboring Exarcheia, the renovated National Archaeological Museum (Patission 44; 30-210-821-7724) has classical sculptures and gold treasures from Mycenae". We think of this reference as being the Understatement of the century!

 Athens National Archaeological Museum:
Exhibit 624. Gold death-mask, known as
the 'mask of Agamemnon'. (Grave V,
Grave Circle A, Mycenae, 16th century BC)

This is because the Greek National Archaeological Museum in Athens is rightfully considered to be not only the most important, yet also one of the richest archaeological museums in the world in terms of containing Ancient Greek Art! Please refer to the relevant Album as proof of how much right we are!

The Greek National Archaeological Museum is housed in a neoclassical building designed by the noted German architect Ernst Ziller in 1889. It houses perhaps the most impressive collection of ancient Greek treasures in the world. The neoclassical design of the exterior tries its best to keep up with the true Greek classic style of the works it houses. This museum includes the golden so-called "Mask of Agamemnon", excavated by Heinrich Schliemann at ancient Mycenae, the bronze "boy jockey" of Artemision that somehow stayed in great condition despite being fished out of the sea, and a range of excellent sculptures, pottery, furniture and jewellery.

Further wonderful inclusions are:

  • Prehistoric items/Ruins
  • Sculpture
  • Pottery and Minor art
  • Bronzes
  • Egyptian Art

Operating Hours are as follows:
Monday 13.00-19.30
Tuesday-Sunday 08.30-15.00

Telephone Contact: 210/821-7717 Address: 44, 28th Oktovriou (Patission) Ave, Athens, Greece

Note: Given the huge number of exhibits, this album on the National Archaeological Museum of Athens is progressing step by step: Please visit this Album from time to time to see it growing!
(Photos: Michael Tziotis)

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The National Archaeological Museum of Athens: Why this Album?

This Album on the National Archaeological Museum of Athens is a work of love and dedication. We have not made any compromises in our effort to provide the international community and the people who love Greece and its Culture, Greek and foreigners alike, with a descriptive and accurate approach to the National Archaeological Museum of Athens exhibits.

In this effort we were governed, from A to Z, by a deep and loving respect for our cultural heritage. We declare that this project of ours is thoroughly non-profit oriented; it has taken too long and demanded too many resources, human and financial, for it to comply with any market principles! The only "profit" these cultural pages are intended to produce is to inform and solicit the international traveler's deeper understanding of the historical, cultural and artistic value of these archaeological treasures and thus increase, on the basis of their high ranking, the number of visitors to Athens and the National Archaeological Museum.

We feel deeply saddened when visitors pass through Athens without making a well-deserved pilgrimage to the National Archaeological Museum, considering that it belongs to the most important museums in the world; that we have somehow failed to inform them on the immeasurable importance of the exhibits and on the grave deficit on their behalf should they fail to experience at least one visit to these revered cultural treasures. We do not share the opinion that such efforts should only be undertaken by the Ministry of Culture and relevant authorities; instead, we believe that all citizens should actively participate in this endeavor, and that visitors to these sites will be all the more richer for it.

We, therefore, deliver this collection of photos and texts to travelers, college students, high school students and anyone interested in studying the Greek Cultural Tradition, including students at schools in all levels. This collection may, in the hands of inspired teachers, become a superb teaching tool with which to address the sensitive and inquisitive child's mind!

We declare that the copyright of these photos and accompanying texts lies with the Greek Ministry of Culture, as a representative of the Greek Nation, part of the cultural tradition of which are the items shown in the photos depicted, and the researchers/scientists who have been in charge of the restauration and exhibition work.

Best Regards

The Windmills Travel Department of Culture

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