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Ionian Islands | Paxi

Paxi History and Sightseeing

The history of Paxi is somewhat similar to that of Corfu, and its significant Venetian occupation began in the 14th Century and lasted for more than 400 years. An impressive castle was built during this time (1423), which is situated on the tiny islet of Ai. Nikolaos near the entrance to the harbor of Gaios. On the other islet is the monastery of Panagia, with a major feast on the 15th of August. Historically, there was a famous naval battle here in 1537, where the attacking Turkish fleet was defeated by the famous Christian admiral, Andrea Doria.

The highlights of a tour of this island would certainly include visiting the six sea caves on the western coast, where the rugged pale cliffs merge with the blue of the sea. From the northernmost village of Lakkas, one cave to the east is home to a colony of seals. The best beaches of the island will be found along the east coast of the island, together with a few charming settlements and villages, all set amid the greenery. The town of Gaios is an idyllic small town with traditional Ionian style architecture and pretty red-tiled roofs. The streets are little more than lanes, mostly for foot traffic only, and feature small shops, cafes, bars, and tavernas. The island supports a small fishing fleet, and fresh fish is a feature at many of its restaurants and tavernas.