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Central Greece | Fthiotida

Fthiotida Sightseeing Excursions

Traveling north of Lamia, on the zig-zagged road to Domokos, a town known from the modern Greek History and overlooking the Thessaly plain, a side road leads to the ruins of ancient Melitaea.  Worth visiting is also the nearby Byzantine Monastery of the Holy Trinily (Agia Triada). The coastal town of Stylida, the tranquil fishing hamlets of Karavomilos and Achladi, and finally the beaches of Pelasgia and Glifa are popular summer resorts in the Area, but they are not reached by this road; one should follow the National Road to Larissa instead.

Moni Agathonos (a monastery of the 15th century) lies at 7 km from Ipati and is considered one of the most illustrious monuments.  Apart from valuable historical relics, the Museum of Oiti Natural History is also housed here.  The beautiful villages of Mt Oiti, such as Pavliani covered with fir and plane trees, offer a refreshing shelter during the hot summer months.  Makrakomi is a market town and traffic center built in the Sperhios valley upon the ruins of the ancient homonymous city.

The historic Thermopylae (Thermopiles) Pass lies 18 km. southeast of Lamia. The statue of Leonidas and the cenotaph of his 300 Spartans remind one of the heroic 480 BC battle.  The famous, since antiquity, thermal springs of Thermopylae bubble quite near, and have made an important resort out of the village.

At a distance of 3 km stands the historic bridge of Alamana.  Any Greek could tell you its history.

Kamena Vourla, to the north, is a popular spa resort, renowned for its therapeutic waters and dry, healthy climate.

The coastal towns of the area, Agios Konstantinos, Arkitsa - linked by ferry with Edipsos on Evia (Euboea) - as well as the lovely beaches of Aspronerio, Agios Serafim and Agios Nikolaos, are pleasant places to spend a holiday, especially for those who like swimming and enjoy dining on fresh fish.

There is a magnificent beach at Livanates, which also has an old church, Agios Theodoros.  Before making the turn for Atalanti, it's worth stopping at its harbor, Skala, as well as at Malesina, with the little coastal settlement of Agios Theologos to leeward, and Martino, famed for its delicious "myzithra" cheese (similar to ricotta). Talantonini, opposite Skala, is a small picturesque island.

Your next stop is Atalanti, commercial and agricultural center of the area.  The catacombs of St. Athanassios, at the heart of the town, are of special interest.

Further west of Atalanti, one can visit Elatia and Tithorea, wooded areas of archaeological interest, as well as Amfiklia, one of the starting points for going up to the Parnassos ski center.

West of Lamia, there is one of the most historic towns of Central Greece, Ypati.  Built on the slopes of Mt. Oiti, with the homonymous national Forest of oak, plane, and cypress trees.  The spot also offers a panoramic view to the sea.  Ypati has played an important role at all eras of Greek national history. Loutra Ypatis, identified with the town itself, is an important spa equipped with hotelier and tourist installations.