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Milies Train

Milies Train

Welcome to Milies!

An enduring attraction of this village, in addition to its lovely architecture, fountains, and cobblestone paths, is that here is the terminus of the miniature steam train dating to 1895. At its conception, this little train covered the 29 kilometers to and from Volos; it presently runs between the villages of Lehonia and Milies, a distance of 16 kilometers.

Designed by an Italian engineer, Giorgio de Kirico, the rail line passes through incredible natural vistas and over old arched bridges, all nestled within the immense greenery of the region. The village itself is a year-round attraction, but this little train now operates only on weekends during the high summer season. However, if you can arrange your plans around its schedule, it will be well worth the effort.

The village also features lovely old and renovated mansions, fountains with fresh spring water, and the beautiful church of Pammegiston Taxiarchon right in the main town square.