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Samos (Prefecture)

Samos Pythagorion Castle

Samos Pythagorion Castle

Welcome to Samos!

This is one of the five prefectures in the Aegean Sea; it lies South of Chios Prefecture and North of Dodecanese Prefecture. It comprises 2 bigger islands, Samos Island and Ikaria Island, some minor ones like Fourni islets group, and various uninhabited islets. One of the most interesting regions of Greece to visit, if one wants to relax and enjoy Nature.

Samos Island is one of the easternmost Aegean Islands. It lies near the Asia Minor coast, separated from it by Samos Canal of some two km width. (Heptastadium canal according to ancient Greeks, =canal of seven stadia width). Most and best bays are formed along the eastern coast of Samos, the bays of Myrtia, Kerveli, Mikri Ammos, Aghia Paraskevi. More important bays in the North and South coasts are the ones of Vathi, Marathokambos and Samos.

Ikaria Island has an oblong shape and lies between Samos to the East and Mykonos to the West. Its two ends are formed by the promontories Papas to the southwest and Fanari to the northeast. Its coasts are precipitous and without any major bays; coves are formed at Aghios Kirykos, Aghios Nikolaos and Therma, where there also are spas.

Samos: Cities and Towns

Agios Kirikos Port Town, Armenisti, Evdilos Port Town, Fourni, Karlovassi Port Town, Pythagorion Port Village, Samos Town, Vathi Port Town

Samos: Islands

Fourni, Ikaria, Samos

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