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Karpenissi City

Evrytania Karpenissi

Evrytania Karpenissi

Welcome to Karpenissi!

Karpenissi is located at the foothills of Mt. Timfristos, at an altitude of 960 meters (2880 feet). Among the town's most characteristic features are the workshops that produce handmade brass bells for animals. The tinkling of the bells being tested is a picturesque, melodious welcome.

When eating at a Karpenissi taverna, it's worth trying feta cheese roasted in wax paper and the local sausages, and worth buying some goat butter and cheese, chestnuts, and walnuts. The lovely handwoven fabrics made on traditional looms and the skillfully carved wooden objects on sale in the shops are also impressive.

The square is marble coated with harmonious colors and semi-cyclic motifs forming letters that spell out the names of old municipalities of the area. Here also rests the statue of Markos Botsaris, a famous Greek hero during the Greek War of Independence. Authentic Greek food, local homemade wine, and traditional music, or even modern rhythms, ensure that Karpenissi will meet the needs and interests of all visitors.

East of Karpenissi, the road from the verdant village of Agios Nikolaos to Krikelo, which has a charming square with little cafes, passes through some especially beautiful, spruce-filled scenery. Near Krikelo is historic Kokalia. Even though the road is no longer paved after Krikelo, it is well worth making the effort to get to Domnitsa, a village crowded with little churches containing superb wooden icon screens (iconastases) and icons.

There is also a skiing center in Velouhi. It is situated only 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) from Karpenissi. There are modern ski facilities, with 3 double-seated and 3 single-seated lifts and 10 rings, which take one up to a height of 1.813 - 2000 meters (approximately 5500 feet).

There are so many fir trees in Evritania that you feel as though you are in the midst of a magnificent endless forest, and, in fact, the region has been nicknamed "The Switzerland of Greece" for this reason.

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Avaris Hotel

From its high vantage point, the hotel offers panoramic and stunning views over the town and of the surrounding mountains.

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Category: 5-Star Hotels
Location: Central Greece (Mainland Region) | Evrytania (Prefecture) | Karpenissi City
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Hotel Suggestion
Dryas Resort

Set in the countryside with beautiful views all around, this comfortable hotel makes a nice base for exploring the region, and even for trout fishing, if that's your passion.

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Category: 4-Star Hotels
Location: Central Greece (Mainland Region) | Evrytania (Prefecture) | Karpenissi City
Holidays in Dryas ResortHolidays in Dryas Resort

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Evrytania Karpenissi

Evrytania Karpenissi