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Saronic Gulf Patroklos Island

Welcome to Patroklos Island!

This is a desert island in the Saronic Gulf, near Cape Sounion, mainly used by fishermen to rest or Scuba divers to explore its underwater surroundings, rich in underwater fauna and flora. The 4.2-square kilometer isle has come to the forefront as it can be turned into a proper tourism resort.

In January 2004, the island was involved in a political crisis in Israel, when Mr Sharon, then PM, was accused of acting as a "middle man" between a wealthy businessman in Israel and the Greek government in the purpose of getting planning permission to turn the island into a resort and gambling center.

In 2006 the island was officially declared on sale by the family of lawyers owning it. Patroklos Island in Greece is valued at more than 700 million dollars, with its 1,000 acres consisting of flat terrain, clean and (so far) unspoiled beaches, as well as rocky and harvestable land. The plans include the building of a deep sea marina capable of accommodating 4,200 motor and/or sailing boats, as well as housing and full amenities for some 70,000 people.

Strict judgements on environmental issues would have to be overcome for the hopeful investors to be given the green light to proceed.