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Macedonia | Thessaloniki  -  Holidays in Greece

Naoussa Wine Tasting

A must tour for any lover of fine wine!

Wine barrels

Wine barrels

The historic town of Naoussa is situated northwest of Thessaloniki in a region internationally celebrated since the last century for its production of a deep-red, dry wine.

Built as they are near archaeological sites and areas of great natural beauty, the local wineries present a wonderful opportunity to the visitor to transform an excursion into both an experience and a chance to sample gastronomic delights.

We will reach Naoussa after a bit over an hour's drive, and we'll visit the charming town before we reach the winery.

We will start with a guided tour of the premises, during which we will learn about the growth, and the art of making and storing wine. We will have the opportunity to experience the special delights of wine as we learn the art of wine tasting.

Finally, we will have the delightful pleasure to enjoy the wines alongside those dishes and flavors which traditionally complement them, in a specially constructed reception hall.

Of course, there is also the opportunity to purchase rare wines that were produced in limited volume, including wines of both recent and less recent vintages; and also experimental wines from the winery's private vineyards, all of which are only available from the winery itself.

From: Thessaloniki City


Naoussa City