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Heraklion to Santorini One-Day Cruise

A chance to see and visit an outstanding island!

Santorini Fira Panoramic View

Santorini Fira Panoramic View

A one-day cruise to Santorini, the volcanic half-moon island, with the most breathtaking views, a rich ancient civilization, and an intriguing history. Is Santorini the mythical Atlantis, as some archaeologists claim? Visit the town of Fira with its whitewashed houses clinging along the edge of 400 meter-high vertical cliffs. Enjoy the unique vistas offered by the stark colors of the red cliffs, the deep blue Aegean, the black molten lava rocks. You can take a winery tour, or a boat trip around the impressive still-smoldering volcano. Thick-soled tennis shoes or hiking shoes are advisable for this trip.

From: Heraklion City


Santorini (Island)

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Santorini Views

Santorini Views
Akrotiri Excavation Site

Akrotiri Excavation Site