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Amorgos Port, Katapola

Amorgos Port, Katapola

Welcome to Katapola!

Katapola, the main port of Amorgos, and one of the safest in the whole of the Cyclades region, actually consists of three picturesque settlements around its bay: Katapola to the south; Xilokeratidi to the north, with its church, Tris Ierarches, standing out at the village’s entrance; and Rachidi in the middle, with its church, St. George.

High above Katapola, the excavated ruins of ancient Minoa, a pre-historic Cretan settlement, deserve a visit, as do the cafés and tavernas lining the seafront in Katapola itself. The whole set up is crowned by the church of Panagia Katapoliani.

The tourist infrastructure here is getting better, but if you are after a more luxurious stay, you’d better turn to Aegiali at the north. No surfing here, as the wind is non-existent in the all-enclosed port, but there are camping facilities for the young and the brave!